Welcome to the Museums of South-Eastern New Brunswick !

Explore the world’s highest tides, historic salt marshes, breath-taking scenery and “squaw cap” islands that dot Glooscap’s Upper Bay of Fundy coastline, or take a leisurely stroll along the sandy beaches of Northumberland Strait . . .

Welcome to the scenic isthmus region of South-Eastern New Brunswick, where the legacy of our people, places and stories from centuries past haunt an ever changing landscape, enshrouded in the mists of time!

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Museums of South-Eastern New Brunswick
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Map of the Region

Petitcodiac Hillsborough Dorchester Port Elgin Sackville Sackville Riverside-AlbertHopewell Cape

Featured Museum

Boultenhouse Heritage Centre

Find out about Sackville's glorious sea-faring days when you visit shipwright Christopher Boultenhouse's "Greek Revival" style mansion (ca. 1842).  The centre features 19th century wall paper, a Marine room, Merchants and Manufacturing and Wry Family collection exhibits.  The centre includes two other houses: the George Bulmer farmhouse, dating to 1792 and perhaps the oldest house in Sackville, and the Anderson Octagonal House, built in 1855.  This rare eight-sided house was moved to its current location in 2012 and features displays on the Anderson sea captains and the founding of the Sackville Township, a newly renovated Resource Centre and a community space.

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